About Me

  • I'm currently working full time at Facebook as a Software Engineer on iOS Product Infrastructure
  • Before FB, I was hacking on a 3d multiplayer game for the browser
  • I studied Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo for ~4 years, did not complete my degree, and do not intend on doing so
  • I've lived and worked in San Diego CA, Mountain View CA, Seattle WA, New York NY, Waterloo ON, and London ON

Work Experience

I'm currently working full time at Facebook

  • Facebook Menlo Park, CA Oct 2013 to present iOS Product Infrastructure

I've had seven software engineering internships

  • Facebook Seattle, WA Jan-Apr 2013 iOS Mobile Core
  • Facebook Menlo Park, CA May-Aug 2012 Core Photos
  • Digital Extremes London, ON Sep-Dec 2011 Star Trek Gameplay
  • Morgan Stanley New York, NY Jan-Apr 2011 Electronic Trading Infrastructure
  • Qualcomm San Diego, CA May-Aug 2010 QDSP6 Audio Test
  • Microsoft Redmond, WA Jun-Aug 2009 Globalization for Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Redmond, WA Jun-Aug 2008 Windows Embedded for Point of Service

I've also done some freelance work

Stuff I've Built

  • WebGL Research

    I'm currently working on a 3d multiplayer game for the browser using WebGL, Node.JS, and Socket.IO. At this point, the main purpose of the project is to see if a MMO game is even plausible in the browser with current tech.

  • Tungsten Property

    I developed and launched Tungsten Property's website using LAMP on EC2. I still maintain the site.

  • Tri Grid Viewer

    This project is super small, but was a really fun take-home interview assignment! As you can see from the image below, I can easily enjoy blowing a lot of time using this app.

  • Rasmuzen

    I built and maintain this site and am planning on making it prettier and writing a blog someday.